Apple TV +, last born in the world of the brand to the apple

Apple TV + is positioned as a "bonus" service, in the same way as the leader in online commerce. Ph. DR

After music, video games, payments and information ... Apple had to launch its platform of series and films, to create a complete ecosystem of content and services.

Apple TV + is born Friday in a hundred countries with original programs at a broken price, the lowest in the industry: $ 4.99 per month, half that Netflix, for the whole family.

The brand with the apple can not compete with the catalogs of the pioneers of the market (Netflix, Hulu ...) nor future new entrants (Disney, HBO ...).

She argues other arguments, like this price, the same as Apple Arcade (video games), derisory for its customers willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a smartphone every two or three years.

A one-year subscription will also be offered as a bonus for any purchase of iPhone, iPad or Mac (computer brand).

Apple tv + is positioned as a "bonus" service, in the same way that the leader of online commerce, Amazon, includes its streaming platform in its premium subscription (Prime) to 8.99 dollars, which includes various services, including fast and free delivery.

For the US tech giant, it is primarily to diversify and break its dependence on the iPhone, losing momentum compared to its competitors.

With Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple News + (info), Apple Card and Apple Pay, the group offers a combined offer, which should encourage its followers to stay in its universe for both devices and services of everyday life ( payments, entertainment, etc.).


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