Kiwifruit conservation after harvest

Kiwifruit conservation after harvest

After harvesting the kiwis in the fall, how do you keep them all winter?

It is in October, before the first frosts, that the time comes to pick the kiwis.

How to keep them?
Take the fruits by turning them slightly to separate them from their peduncle.
Store them, without knocking them, on crates, in a place of dry and ventilated guard, if possible between 12 and 15 ° C.
Kiwis are eaten when they are soft under the finger. Check their status regularly. They are more likely to mature in a room at room temperature. Take the quantity for your weekly consumption from your reserve, put it in a fruit bowl, in the house, with apples and bananas. Because these fruits give off ethylene, which activates the ripening of kiwis.

Delicious, and so pretty in a fruit salad, they contain the vitamin C needed for a good winter.


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