12 ideas for decorating a small apartment for Christmas

12 ideas for decorating a small apartment for Christmas

It's not always easy to bring the magic of Christmas home when you live in a studio or a small apartment. But no way to leave the lack of space spoil our holidays! Mini fir tree, wreaths, garlands and hanging ornaments ... Here are 12 ultra malignant ideas for a trendy Christmas decoration and cannon in a small space.

Which Christmas tree to choose for a small space?
A small minimalist tree
In garden centers, there are mini potted spruces each year. Ultra practical in small spaces, it is equally inviting at the table, on a shelf or on a window sill. For an authentic (and eco-friendly) decor, opt for a kraft paper planter. Perfect for a Christmas decoration inspired by nature!

A christmas tree with a picture
A wooden tree "gaining space"
Here is an original tree! All dressed in wood, it fits perfectly in a studio or in a small apartment. Ideal in an urban setting, it is installed next to the sofa or on a sideboard for the most modern Christmas decoration. Design enthusiasts crack for this minimalist version that changes the traditional fir tree. To make it even more magical, we dress a few balls and we add a light garland around its structure. In addition to saving us space, the woody fir tree infuses a Scandinavian atmosphere that we adore.

An original Christmas tree on the wall
A wall Christmas tree
No way to give up the Christmas tree, even in a 20m²! In tree branches, masking tape, with light garlands ... In addition to being a real alternative, the tree wall is very easy to achieve. DIY and DIY fans will be seduced by this simple idea to create a unique Christmas tree.

Decorate windowsills
Decorate the edges of the window
Decorate window sills
We do not necessarily think about it, and yet the window sills turn out to be real assets during the holiday season. Depending on the size and area of ​​the rim, it can become a decorative corner to create a cozy atmosphere. There are pretty candles, a light garland, original accessories or a few Christmas balls. Another inexpensive idea that perfectly reflects the spirit of Christmas: invite nature to your home. For this, we pick up some pine cones, hazelnuts and tree branches to decorate the window.

Set up a festive centerpiece
A Christmas centerpiece
A fairy centerpiece
A festive centerpiece
A fairy centerpiece
To decorate a small interior during the holidays, simply install a nice decor on the coffee table. On a tray (wood or gold), we mix Christmas balls, pine cones, candles, fir branches or Christmas figurines ... And to us the nice festive table! Direction H & M Home, Hema and Maisons du Monde to easily shop accessories at low prices and bet on a cheap Christmas decor.

Decorate the door handles
Christmas decor ideas are not lacking even when you have a small space. No more room on furniture for a mini tree? We put everything on the door handles by hanging pretty balls and ornaments with a ribbon. Not to mention the Christmas sock, in which we slip some treats. A great trick to decorate your apartment without losing a centimeter!

Heal the light
Pretty Christmas candles
The light reveals all the magic of the end-of-year holidays, whether you live in a big house or a studio. And for good reason, some light touches are enough to infuse the magic of Christmas in any room. We love the bells filled with light garlands for a soft and pampering atmosphere. And of course, candles, lots of candles to warm up inside.

Fill a basket with Christmas balls
A basket filled with Christmas balls
A tray filled with Christmas balls
A trunk filled with Christmas balls
In addition to being decorative, the storage basket is the ideal solution for storing with style. Wicker or natural fibers, we all have at least one! And that's good when you do not have the place to install a tree. So we take out his nicest braided basket and fill it with Christmas balls to make it look festive. For a trendy decoration, we make sure that the balls are all in the same color palette. The result is hot! Obviously, it also works with a box, a trunk or a gold tray.

Showcasing his party dishes
Every year, it's hard to resist. The decoration signs compete with imagination to offer us ever more desirable Christmas dishes. A bit kitsch and totally regressive, we fall for Santa mugs, cups with reindeer and plates decorated with messages and drawings.

And we do not hesitate to highlight them by installing them on a shelf for example. Here is a nice and practical Christmas decoration idea!

Hang a Christmas wreath
Christmas wreaths in wall decoration
Traditionally hung on the front door, the Christmas wreath can also find its place as a wall decoration in a small space. It is also possible to hang it on a door or a piece of furniture.

DIY crown ideas are many to create a stylish decor at a mini price. Wreath of mistletoe, wood, fabric, holly ... we let his imagination speak. To accessorize stars, bells or garlands or to leave as such for a rustic side.

Accumulate decorative objects
There is no better occasion than the end of year celebrations to accumulate all kinds of decorative objects without feeling guilty. Each corner of our apartment can accommodate Christmas decoration, carefully chosen, such as light garlands, fir-shaped candles, statuettes or a letter board with a quote very "christmassy".

Warm up your interior with faux fur
False fur cocooning
What we love more than anything at Christmas (in addition to watching 3 TV movies a day while drinking hot chocolate) is to feel at home warm. So we do not skimp on the soft linen! Plaids, cushions or carpets in wool and fake fur ... What to warm the atmosphere and create a cozy atmosphere. All we have left to do is light some cinnamon scented candles to spend a Christmas worthy of the name.

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