6 walks in the heart of the harvests

6 walks in the heart of the harvests

1. Merge wine and chocolate, in Gruyères (FR)
Why choose between a glass of red and a square of chocolate when you can have both? To liven up the first frost of November, we participate in a gourmet workshop to demonstrate the perfect harmony between different chocolates and the aroma of wine. Beans and grapes will have no secrets for you

2. Cross the vineyards by electric bike, in Sion (VS)
Pedal leisurely or actively through the vineyards, admire the landscape and fruits that are about to taste, enjoy a picnic filled with local products ... Since the application specially designed by the Cellars of Sion, we choose the course, the pace and the meal plan that suits us. There is something for all tastes and desires.

When? On-line reservation (Monday to Sunday or Thursday to Sunday, depending on the form).

Or? Starting points may vary depending on the chosen routes. The meal plan is served in a choice gatehouse: the CUBE from Friday to Sunday, or the Guérite Brûlefer from Thursday to Sunday.

3. Adding cooked wine to Lausanne (VD)
As part of the events organized by the Lausanne association at the table, the famous Brasserie de Montbenon invites epicureans to simmer wine. And since it will take a little patience, while the magic will operate in the cauldron, the winemaker Marie-Thérèse Chappaz will present the wines of his estate, just before serving warm vacherins and cooked wine tart.


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