What sport is for me?

What sport is for me?

This year, you want to find an activity! But what sport can you do to be sure to stick to it? Make your choice according to your profile and your desires.

1. I want to slim down quickly
Combine muscle building and cardio activities. Perform 3 to 4 lessons per week maximum to give you rest. Twice a week, sessions of 1 hour where you strengthen your muscles via basic movements but complete. For the other two courses, opt for HIIT, brief but high-intensity workouts (20 to 30 minutes). This principle burns a lot of calories, even at rest after activity. Depending on your desires, you can do sessions at home or at the gym. At CMG Sports Club, head for GRIT, Burning Cycle or Be Strong. All this obviously associated with a good diet without forgetting to drink a lot.

2. I want to relax after work
Yoga is your best ally! It allows you to relax while doing good to your body through the various movements offered. Pilates is to be adopted too. This gentle activity is ideal for the back and the abdominal strap. Practiced regularly, she transforms the silhouette without any suffering. Sophrology, stretching and Body Balance also allow you to move while adopting zen attitude.

3. I want to outdo myself
The most effective activity to overcome your limits is cycling. Look for Body Combat classes that combine fitness and combat sports, Body Attack or Boxing, Transpiration assured!

4. I want to play sports while having fun
Dancing lessons are for you! Think of Zumba or Body Jam if you have the rhythm in your skin.

5. I only want to lose weight
It is very difficult to lose weight in a targeted way. Loss or weight gain is primarily genetic. Some people take belly while others grow more easily thighs. It is therefore important to make efforts that will work the metabolism in general. You have to do activities where you will be spending calories. Weight loss and fat loss will be a balance between ingested calories and those you will spend.

6. I do not like group classes
Do you prefer to sweat alone in your corner? Help yourself with apps on your mobile that allow you to challenge yourself and practice individual sports like running. Do not forget the fitness videos available on Youtube. In the gym, you can focus on activities on the weight platform (treadmill, elliptical trainer ...) But be sure to be a minimum box to not hurt you. Contact the club coach who will advise you according to your profile.

7. I resume the sport after a long break
For a smooth recovery, a 45-minute session, including warm-ups, is enough. Opt for moderate activities. The easiest way to start is to favor group classes that offer coaching. Having a course planned and planned in advance also helps not to demotivate at the last moment.

First session: Strengthening type Be Fit without impact that will provide a basic overview of movements, regain body sensations and have mild body aches.

Second session: cardio-training type bike (rhythm ride), in gym or outside. The idea is to sweat slightly so as not to get discouraged and activate the heart rate.

Third session: mobility and stretching type Hatha Yoga to focus on oneself and feel the de-stressing effects.

Start with a frequency of 3 times a week, always keeping 1 or 2 days of rest between each session.

In any case, be patient! You will see the results on your figure from 3 months of regular physical activity.


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