Is there a substitute for yoghurt

Is there a substitute for yoghurt?

Different ingredients are substitutes for yoghurt. It depends on why we have to do without it. Sometimes, we lack it to make a recipe. Or, some people may be allergic or intolerant to dairy products. Others go without conviction. In short, the reasons are multiple. If you want to make a cake made of yoghurt when you do not have it available, you can replace it with fromage blanc, petits-suisses, crème fraîche or fresh Philadelphia or Italian cheese. like ricotta or mascarpone. If you prefer to use vegetable preparations, there are creams of soy, rice, spelled or oats that are very easily available on the market. They are equally unctuous and have the advantage of being lighter than yoghurt. It is also possible to replace it simply with milk, secondarily beaten, or buttermilk. Buttermilk is consumed as raw as cooked. It is also included in the composition of some pies and biscuits, particularly in the Scandinavian countries, or in the United States and Canada. You can also make sauces made from aromatic herbs and buttermilk.

By Jean-Marie Chabal
I made a yoghurt cake without yogurt! For health reasons, one of my friends can not eat yoghurt. As a result, I used unsweetened condensed milk instead. It turns out that I always have it at home, and it has been a real success. He gave the cake a lot of smoothness and sweetness. Since then, I no longer use yogurt for this recipe!

By Laura De Carvalho
I use the bush rather than yogurt to make my side dishes of raw vegetables or grilled in summer. Once she is well beaten, I incorporate dill, chervil or chives. I add a fillet of lemon, I dirty and I pepper. It's a treat and it changes a little! It's smoother and a little richer too. Sometimes I put some yoghurt cakes in, which works very well as well. Do not hesitate to use fresh cheeses to replace them!

By Sylvain88
I have not had cow's milk yogurt in my fridge for many years now. I replaced them with ewes or soy yogurts that I consider to be much better for health. Some cereal creams are also very good, especially for making traditionally yoghurt recipes. These substitutes are very good. They also have the advantage of being lighter and more digestible.


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