Jessica Thivenin recounts her biggest fight with Thibault since the birth of Maylone

Jessica Thivenin recounts her biggest fight with Thibault since the birth of Maylone

Like all young parents, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia have said goodbye to one of the priorities of life since the birth of their son: sleep. In her story Snapchat, Little Mayone's mom revealed that fatigue puts her husband to the test.

After the anxieties for their baby, the time for appeasement has finally come for Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia. Emergency operation after his birth, the little Maylone was able to go home with his two parents at the end of October. Since then, the two lovebirds have been busy, organizing presentations with the large family of Marseillais. Manon and Julien Tanti, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj or Maëva Ghennam ... All the fratés have obviously answered the call to get to know the baby.

The couple discovers besides the joys of being parents, with the frights and the big fatigue which accompany them. While Jessica Thivenin recently made her first day shopping with Maylone, she also revealed that her lack of sleep is putting her husband to the test. In her story Snapchat, the reality TV candidate unveiled the reasons for an argument with her darling, which occurred on the evening of November 7th. The starting point of the dispute: a bottle of water.

c "The bottle we had"
"I would like to sleep more," begins to explain Thibault Garcia, visibly lack of fat mornings. "We quarreled, you know why? For a bottle of water, then continues Jessica Thivenin. My darling got his bottle [at Maylone, ed] and he did not close the water cap, and me when I arrived for the baby bottle after, well it was necessary that I went to seek a new bottle of water, because we should not leave the bottle open so here, the bottle had us, finally the baby had us ". That young parents are reassured, the hardest is coming.


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