If you have been feeling socks for a few days, look no further. You are certainly subject to the "autumnal depression". Fatigue, blues, anxiety intermingle and you have only one desire: stay under your comforter. Here are our five tips to avoid sinking.

Do not multiply projects
While we tend to want to multiply projects to get off to a good start after the summer holidays or simply finish the year in style, we should actually do the opposite. The key ? Be indulgent with yourself and not give yourself too many goals in a short time. The writer and activist Therese Borchard advises in particular to multiply the moments for oneself and to choose activities that privilege well-being instead of constantly thinking about being more productive, which only increases the feeling of stress.

Focus on a healthy diet
Choosing the right foods is also ensuring a better mood every day. Eating omega-3 acids, especially in fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna, would boost your spirits. Rich in vitamins C and B9, fruits and vegetables are also a great way to fight fatigue. While some say that tea theanin reduces stress hormones, chocolate (preferably black), often considered guilty pleasure, represents an excellent dose of magnesium.

take care of your body and mind
No need, if you are not used to increasing the speed of the treadmill at the gym or to run for miles in the cold, you do not prepare the marathon. Recognized for its soothing virtues, yoga helps to stretch muscles and refocus on oneself. Result: a calmed and relaxed body and a boosted morale. Meditation is also the perfect ally for stressed and anxious people who do not have the time to play sports or to have acupuncture sessions. A few minutes in the morning on waking or in the evening before bed enough to empty

Make a vitamin cure
In the event of a fall in morale, taking vitamins may also be advisable. Some experts see a direct relationship between depression and a low level of vitamin D in the body. The dietary supplements that would best fight the symptoms of seasonal depression are those that contain omega-3 fatty acids, folates (B9 vitamins), B6 ​​vitamins and magnesium. Increasingly popular in France, dietary supplements are nevertheless viewed with a bad eye by some health professionals who consider too lax the current legislation, their purchase is without prescription. It's better to ask your pharmacist for advice than to go blind and fill up on vitamins on the Internet.

Try light therapy
Difficult awakenings, regular cravings, mood jumps ... The list of symptoms related to autumnal depression is long. Light therapy, which involves exposure to a white artificial light similar to that of the sun, would have a particularly beneficial effect on the internal clock of man, often exposed to biological disorders.

The projected light penetrates through the eyes and acts directly on the cicardian rhythm (the alternation between the waking time and the sleep time over 24 hours). Transformed into electrical signals sent to the brain, light acts on neurotransmitters and especially on serotonin, also called "happiness hormone". Light therapy is one of the most popular alternative medicine in the Nordic countries, where people are often prone to seasonal depression. It is strongly recommended to practice light therapy in a medical setting.


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