Facebook apologizes after accusations of "racism" by employees

Facebook apologizes after accusations of "racism" by employees

Facebook has apologized for accusations of racist culture, internally, by minority employees who believe that the social networking giant "has a problem with employees who are not white".

"No one at Facebook, or anywhere else, should have to bear this kind of behavior." We are sorry, "reacted Friday Bertie Thomson, vice president in charge of internal communication.

On Thursday, twelve "past and present" Facebook employees anonymously posted an article on the Medium platform where they say they are "Sad, Angry, Oppressed, Depressed."

They denounce a "hostile culture where all those who are not white find themselves afraid of losing their jobs, or fear for their safety if they bring up bad behavior".

"It's the small actions that accumulate over time and build a culture where we are only there to serve as quotas, never to be recognized or accepted," they continue. "By contrast, our colleagues from the majority populations were raised, celebrated and promoted for doing less work than we were asked to do."

They give a series of anonymized examples, including incidents with colleagues or managers, without explaining the role played by the color of people who feel bullied.

They also post screenshots of messages from Blind, "the app that allows Facebook employees to post anonymous experiences."

In these photos, messages like "They (Blacks) should feel privileged to have been hired in the name of diversity and to have integrated the company after we lowered the level of requirement" can be read. again "All IQ tests show that Europeans and Asians are smarter than any black population".

"It goes against all the values ​​of our company," added Bertie Thomson. "We listen and work hard to do better."


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