Cold, sore throat: medications to avoid

Cold, sore throat: medications to avoid

The majority of drugs used against colds, sore throats, influenza or intestinal disorders would be ineffective, according to a survey of 60 million consumers.

The consumerist association 60 million consumers have sifted the drugs most often used in self-medication to prevent or treat the ills of winter. According to their survey, the majority of over-the-counter medications for coughs, colds, sore throats, influenza or intestinal disorders, would be ineffective. Some would even be dangerous for health.

Of the 61 drugs tested, 20 are classified "for lack of better", which means that their effectiveness is "low or unproven but they have no or very few adverse effects," says the association. But 28 would be outright banned because they "include too many contraindications and disproportionate adverse effects to treat transient ills, besides some contain ineffective substances." This is the case, for example, of paracetamol combined with pseudoephedrine and tripolidine whose effects would be "to increase the risk of cardiovascular and neurological accidents". According to 60 million consumers, only 13 over-the-counter medications really have their place in our pharmacies. These are, for example, Clarix dry cough syrup, Humex adult dry cough, Vicks vaporub, Imodiumcaps, Gaviscon mint, Maalox ...


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