Simple accessory or jewel of great sentimental value, the ring leaves no one indifferent. She adds a special signature to your look. Each finger has a meaning. Do you know which ring to wear which finger?

- The thumb represents the soul of a person.
- He is responsible for the head, the will and the neck.
- It is even considered as the symbol of strength in many cultures.
- One wears the large rings, or those set with stones in shades of blue and green.

The index
- When pointing, the index is usually used. It is also the first finger to think of to perform any action.
- In astrology, we associate the index to Jupiter.
- Some say that a ring worn on the index, facing another person, can send him a strong blow of energy.
- It is recommended to pot a gold ring, set with a blue stone like sapphire. It will bring you energy and will, and it will be your best ally if you want to get rid of negative feelings like jealousy or adversity, among others.
- As for her, opal will promote fertility, love and hope.

The major
- The major acts under the influence of Saturn, and he particularly appreciates the black or purple stones. An amethyst on the middle finger will protect you from worry, and bring you tolerance and patience.
- You will find by the same tranquility, serenity and harmony.
- If you are approaching a period of important negotiations, you could also wear a silver ring on your major. It will help you gain confidence.

The annular
- The left ring finger is the finger reserved for the alliance. The reason is simple: this finger would be directly connected to the heart, and it plays an important role in the energy.
- One carries precious stones like diamonds, or stones with the colors of the love like the ruby.
- By choosing the right alloy of stones and metal, you will positively influence your loves and your friendships.

- The little finger (also called little finger) is protected by Mercury.
- It combines intelligence, creativity, ingenuity and relationships.
- The green stones are perfect for the little finger, especially the emerald.
- Creators, builders and intellectuals should pay particular attention.
You are now better informed when it comes time to know which ring to wear which finger. Who knows, you might be able to attract luck and happiness without even knowing it!


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