How to share tasks after a child arrives?

How to share tasks after a child arrives?

SOCIETY - Stop the received ideas! There are no tasks dedicated to moms or dads. After the baby is born, everyone has to put their hands to the pulp according to their skills.
That's it, the long-awaited moment has arrived. You come home with your offspring! Happy, proud, but that does not stop you from having some apprehensions. Everyone has to find his place. And especially think of a brand new organization. Do not panic, it will take you some time to find the right rhythm.

To begin, set goals without putting too much pressure on yourself. Learn to prioritize. The most important thing is, of course, to take care of your child. Define the roles according to your desires and mutual skills. You are comfortable feeding your baby, your spouse a lot less. He can take over the bath or changing diapers. Another configuration: you give breast milk to your little one, but you feel exhausted. Allow yourself to fill a few bottles and ask your companion to give them for you.

Define the missions of each
Ambitious, yes. Perfectionist, no ... The first time, we'll have to learn to let go. If your interior is not 100% clean, it's not dramatic. On the other hand, do not let clothes or dishes go too long. The risk, indeed, is that it accumulates and you do not really want to take care of it anymore. Once again, divide the tasks, one can take care of the washing machine, the other clean the bottles. When it comes to storage, consider doing it in turn. As for the vacuum cleaner and mop, take care of the weekend.

For the rest, write down all the tasks you have to do. Do not set defined rules. At least, the first times. Everyone must take responsibility for their fatigue dose. Anyone can put their name next to the task that motivates them the most, a story that neither of them feels wronged. And when everything is back in order, make a retro-planning by clearly defining the missions of each. History to balance the workload and not forget anything essential ...


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