Some tips for revitalizing the kidneys

Some tips for revitalizing the kidneys

One of the most dangerous diseases of our time is stress. And this stress leads us to fill our stomach with unhealthy food, junk food like hamburgers, pizzas ... They bring us an immediate satisfaction, and calm our nerves, but, in the long term, they are extremely harmful for our kidneys.
Ask yourself if you consume enough fruits and vegetables, the ideal foods to take care of your kidneys. It's exactly the same for salt. We accompany many of our dishes with this harmful substance. Remember, although it may seem surprising, many sweet foods, such as industrial pastries, contain large amounts of salt.
We want to tell you that sometimes we do not pay attention to simple aspects of our diet, and that it can feel on our kidneys very quickly. You have to be aware of this because one day you may be suffering from the following symptoms:
• Urinary burns.
• Very frequent urination with very dark urine.
• Infections.
• Kidney stones.
• Pain in the lower back.
• Abdominal swelling, difficulty eating, high blood pressure caused by kidney failure.
What does it mean to "revitalize one's kidneys"? It is an action that corresponds to the optimization of the functioning of these precious organs. To make their lives easier, it is important to take care of them and purify them in the best possible way. We will explain how to proceed.

. A spoonful of baking soda a day
Eating a spoonful of baking soda a day is a fantastic remedy for taking care of your kidneys. The secret of its beneficial action lies in its ability to depurate the kidneys very effectively, thus avoiding the appearance of kidney stones.
In addition, bicarbonate optimizes their daily operation. It balances the acidity of the body and its alkalinity, making it the ideal remedy to take after a hearty meal. A spoonful dissolved in water, and you're ready!

. Two liters of lightly mineralized water per day
You already know that there are different types of water available on the market. The most suitable for taking care of your kidneys are, without a doubt, those with the weakest mineralization.
Some are extremely rich in calcium, silica and other minerals that may be useful in other cases. But for people who suffer from kidney problems and high blood pressure, as well as babies, poorly mineralized waters are the best. They can better eliminate toxins, they are diuretic and much healthier.

. The benefits of watermelon
Doctors consider that watermelon is a fruit with exceptional healing powers, one of the best allies of your kidneys. Why ? Especially thanks to its high water content, ideal for cleaning blood and kidneys.
You can eat it normally, or in juice, but make sure it is always fresh. If it is too mature, you will lose many of its properties.
. A cure for revitalizing your kidneys
This is another very simple and devilishly effective remedy for taking care of your kidneys, but also of your liver. The only thing you need to do is to cook an artichoke.
Then drink the water that was used for cooking all day long, simply adding the juice of half a lemon. The artichoke can be eaten later. This water will optimize the functioning of your kidneys.

. The dandelion infusion
Dandelion (tifaf) is considered the best medicinal plant to take care of the health of your kidneys. It is therefore ideal to drink a cup of her infusion every afternoon.

Take into account that, as specified by experts in herbal medicine, dandelion contains some of the most beneficial properties for your body: it is excellent for digestion, against inflammation. It purifies the body and stimulates the production of urine, which is ideal for the kidneys. So many benefits in a single food, are worth trying!


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