Samsung Galaxy S11: discover the 3 sizes of screen

Samsung Galaxy S11: discover the 3 sizes of screen

Samsung will release five different Galaxy S11s in the course of February 2020. According to the famous leaker Evan Blass, Samsung will offer several versions compatible with the 5G network. In the process, it reveals the three screen sizes of this new generation of smartphones. This time, the builder obviously saw big.

samsung galaxy s11 3 screen sizes

On November 9, 2019, Evan Blass posted on his Twitter account a handful of information on the Galaxy S11, S11e and S11 +. According to the leaker, Samsung has decided to offer curved screens on all variants. Last year, the Galaxy S10e, the less expensive variant, had to be satisfied with a flat screen. Moreover, the manufacturer would propose screen sizes revised upward:

Galaxy S11e: 6.2 or 6.4 inches screen
Galaxy S11: 6.7 inch screen
Galaxy S11 +: 6.9 inch screen
The S11 would be more imposing than the Galaxy S10. This year, Samsung had indeed bet on Infinity-O slabs of 5.8 ", 6.1" and 6.4 ". Moreover, this new generation should once again inherit a hole in the screen. This time, the punch would be placed against the center in the manner of Galaxy Note 10.

All models would be available in 5G version
Still according to Evan Blass, Samsung would prepare a total of five different Galaxy S11s. All variants would be compatible with 5G. The Galaxy S11 + with 6.9 "screen would only be available in 5G version. The other two variants, the S11e and the S11 standard, would however be sold in 4G or 5G versions. Attention, variants 5G could be reserved for certain specific markets.

In the process, the leaker confirms the window of presentation of the range. As many leaks, Samsung would organize the conference dedicated to Galaxy S11 end of February 2020. A report of SamMobile table besides a presentation on February 18 in San Francisco. We tell you more as soon as possible.


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