how to prepare well for your workout?

how to prepare well for your workout?

To put to sport, it does not improvise. The body needs to be warmed up before any intense physical effort. But it is also necessary to be well equipped, to eat well, and to know where to go. So to keep the shape safe and optimize your workout, it is better to prepare.

Get well equipped to play sports
The base is to have a comfortable and uncomfortable outfit for your actions: avoid oversized joggings or t-shirts that float, but do not be too tight. A sports bra and leggings are generally quite well adapted and, for the feet, a good pair of running that combines damping and comfort. Depending on the sport you practice, some accessories are needed (elastic, gloves, helmet, glasses ...), and other essentials (water bottle or gourd, towel, headband to hold hair).

Check your heart rate before playing sports
Heart rate is an important indicator during a workout. To work at the right pace, you have to monitor it regularly and adapt your efforts. For that, if you are sporty and know your body well, you can count the pulsations by checking your pulse. We are not all lucky to have a coach to get back on track, like Kate Middleton, but we can use an app that tracks the heartbeat and provides data on the one we need to have during your session. Of course, you also need to take into account your fitness and your health.

Warm up well before a workout
Even if you are a sports addict like Eva Longoria, a warm up is essential. Above all, do not engage in intense exercise with cold muscles. Stretch, jump, move: the warm-up time is proportional to the time of the workout. For 1 hour of sport, 10 to 15 minutes of warm-up are recommended. The warm-up includes movements, but also breathing. Inhale, blow, fill your lungs with clean air as much as possible, with deep breaths.

Have goals before playing sports
Before your workout, it is important to prepare the mind as well. For that, set goals. But be careful not to see too much and too big: be realistic, consider your fitness and the regularity of your workouts. Your goals must be precise: number of kilometers, duration, height to reach, number of movements ... It's all about being able to surpass yourself without forcing yourself: if you force, you run the risk of hurting yourself. Prepare your session by alternating the exercises so as not to fall into the routine and to work several parts of the body, at different rates.

Food side
Food has a vital role in making a sport session effective. Do not go running on an empty stomach. It is therefore necessary to eat well before practicing sport, but not just any way. First of all, we must focus on foods with low glycemic index: it burns calories and lose fat. Starchy foods are a good ally, in moderate amounts. Fat can be present in your meals, but only if it is of good quality: it will give you energy. This is the case of fat present in olive oil, avocado, sardines, mackerel, dried fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, nuts) or eggs. The foods to ban before a workout are the sweet products, which will give you a slack in the gym, as well as saturated fatty acid products that are bad fats, such as cheese, creams, yogurt. butter, pizzas and junk food in general.

When to play sports?
You have eaten a good balanced meal, but do not go on a gym session. The ideal is to practice sport about 2 hours after the meal, to give you time to digest. Also avoid doing sports just before going to bed. You can do this at the end of the day, after work, but only if you have several hours behind you to relax before going to bed.


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